Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Folktale About The Prince and The Princess
   Once upon a time, in an island, there was a big palace. In the palace, live The King and his daughter, Princess Tutu. She likes to dance ballet. She is kind to everyone and very friendly.
   But, one day, the witch come to the palace. She really hate The King and his daughter because they have person who's shared love with them while her husband has dead to protect the palace from enemies. Then, she cursed The Princess into a duck for her revenge for the death of her husband.
   Princess Tutu changed into a duck, and The King was very sad about it. She return to be a girl when night come, but changed into a duck when the sunrise. The King try anything to make his daughter come into normal, but there's nothing he can do.
   The Next Kingdom's Prince, Alex ventured to find his true love. And one night he meet The Princess Tutu, she has a beautiful face. He saw Princess Tutu has dancing ballet, he was fascinated with it. But, when he try to call The Princess, the sunrise has come, he saw The Princess changed into a duck.
   He has shocked, he hadn't expected that the news has he heard was correct. After that, he went to the palace where The King's stands. The King told him the whole story, and ask him to help The Princess.
   The Prince has fall in love with The Princess and he want to help her to free from the cursed. Then, he went to the forest to find the witch. When he meet the witch, he try to ask the witch the way to save Princess Tutu. But the witch said to kill her first to know the way.
   After a long fight, The Prince succeeded to defeated the witch. But, the way which the witch is said were not revealed. The Prince felt guilty to the princess for failing to find the way to make The Princess back to normal, and because of his guilty, he shy to back to the palace.
   One month later, Princess Tutu has worried about The Prince, she ask permission to her father, to let her go to look for The Prince. Firstly, The King wasn't give the permission, but after know the reason that his daughter has fall in love with The Prince, he let her go.
   Princess Tutu went to the forest, and looking for The Prince. She went to the witch's place, but doesn't find The Prince. She continued to looking for The Prince, and when night come, she return to be a girl.
   She saw a puff of smoke. She trust it was came from a campfire, and when she approached, she saw The Prince. She approached him, and try to cheer The Prince. Princess Tutu start dancing ballet to cheer The Prince, she asked him to dance with her. They danced all night, the sunrise has come, but The Princess not changed into a duck, the cursed has gone, and they lived happily ever after.
The End

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